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1st Grade KECC websites:
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Mrs. View, Mrs. Oltra, Mrs. Baluta, Mrs. Anthony, Mrs. Huber, & Mrs. Mendrzycki: (click below)

         Ms. Mulaski: (click below)

Go Math:

Moby Max:

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Virtual field trips: (short video on the Electric City Trolley) 



Facebook events:

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden - weekdays at 3pm highlight one of their animals

Atlantic White Shark Conservancy - shark story time @ 10 am



@petethecatofficial - live virtual storytime at noon


Websites: (free books for 30 days)
(posted 3-31-20 ~ About Germs)  (code: Edmentumsupport2020  - you may need)  (code: SCHOOL7771 )   - this one should also have some cool down activities as well as mindful activities