Physical Education
Hope everyone is staying safe and maintaining good healthy hygiene! Wash those hands! 

Phys. Ed Activities 
Weeks of 4/12-4/18 & 4/19-4/25
Teddy Bear Hunt
 Across America everyone is getting bored! So some people are putting teddy bears in there windows so you can find them on your walk!  Hopefully more households will hear about this through social media and participate. 
 Go on a walk with a parent/guardian and try to find as many bears as you can! Just remember, the more walks and farther you go increase the chance of finding more!
Don’t forget to log it in your physical education log, what day and the duration of your walk. Write down how many bears you found and even where too!
If you cannot find any teddy bears then try this outdoor scavenger hunt!
Good luck on your hunt!
Any questions email:
Mr. Barna - [email protected]
Ms. Sowa - [email protected]