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Thank you :)
~Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Gustinucci

Hello Students and Parents,

We hope everyone is staying active and healthy during this difficult time in many of our lives. This has truly made us take a step back and sincerely appreciate all the relationships, activities, and responsibilities in our lives! We miss you all!

Since we cannot be together during this time, keeping our brains active through fun language activities and stories is the next best thing. 

We will contact each of you via email to communicate the ESL enrichment and review activities we have for you while we are not in school. We will explain how to access the activities and where you can find them on our page. Please try your best on each activity. You can contact us to help you, also.

Stay healthy!
Mrs. Burns and Mrs. Gustinucci 

Mrs. Burns
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Mrs. Gustinucci
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